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     Using The PT Handicapper System And How To Play The Exotics
Get familiar with the PT Handicapping System and how changing the factors weighting(the bottom boxes)
impacts the races at the tracks you like to play.

Whether you're playing 1 track or 5 tracks(at OTB or online betting) 'cherry pick' the races you feel are
going to at least return your money. It always best to use the system real time, rather than
print out the race results. Most OTB's have free WiFi now.

Filter out most maiden races, especially if they have a lot of first timers. Also try to stay
away from stakes races as they seem to draw a lot of ringers' from other tracks that often spoil the bet.

Lastly, we try to avoid races with a lot of 'YELLOW' in the 'Total Column'  as well as large fields,
the more horses in the race the greater the chances for something to go wrong.
 We like to use fields of 10 or less horses.

As you know, handicapping requires much analysis but it also requires strategic betting.
Here are some tips about using the system successfully -

We have found that betting the exotics(exacta, trifecta and superfecta) is the best way to win at
this game. We will usually box the top 3 horses for the exacta and play the favorite or 2nd
favorite(of the top 3 horses), 1st, 2nd and 3rd to the other 4 horses in the 'contention zone'
for the tri. The ideal finish for the tri is that your key horse runs 3rd and the longer shot
of the 'contention zone' horses wins. Of course there are many ways to construct these bets.
This has worked well for us because when we hit, we usually at least get our money
 back, and have had some very nice cashes.

If you just love to play and have the money, box the top 5 horses for the $1 super, as shown
in our results many times this pays very well. The super can be bet for as little as $.10 at
many tracks so a 5 horse box is only $12.

At the very least on most days at most tracks you are going to get a lot of exciting action.

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